Walther p1 dating

No reserve here's a walther p1 pistol that was manufactured for the german military in 1980 the p1 is mechanically the same as the wwii p38 but has a few minor changes, most notable the lightweight aluminum alloy frame it is chambered for the 9mm and has a double-action trigger with slide . Manurhin/walther p1 blkbrd666 you say these pistols were manufactured between 1963 and 1987, i believe and the serial no's are from 200000 to 450000 wow i think i got a winner here. Manurhin's facilities are just across the rhine river from walther, and the frame and slide blanks are made on their tooling, then shipped across the river to germany to be finished for the west berlin contract, 2500 p1 pistols were produced, finished and proofed in france to circumvent the treaty. Hello i bought a german army surplus walther p1 on friday i have since tried to find a website that has some good info in regard to serial numbers.

Walther p1 (post war p38) now c&r eligible | guns & ammo forums finding confirmation on the atf website is trickier: dating a walther p1, how to date a walther p1,. Welcome to alps information, photos, references, and trivia on the ww2 walther p38 and post-war p38 pistol if you wish to link to this page, please link only to the main page, not sub-pages or documents. P38 cyq 7158 k where was it made and when thanks - answered by a verified firearms expert found a better reference for dating spreewerkes - your gun was actually .

The walther p38 set the bar for modern combat pistols incorporating many features we take for granted on a handgun like a decocker among others (p1) as late as 1994—the old gun still had . The walther p1 in the original p-38 pistol, there were several “firsts” one of these, for a full-sized military gun, was a da/sa trigger system another was the . Manurhin of france was licensed by walther to manufacture the pp, ppk, ppks, and p1 (plus some other guns if i am not mistaken) post wwii they are essentially walthers but i don't know how good their quality is. Walther uses a date code of two letters. The walther p38 was the first true double-action pistol in 9mm, and was the only are commonly known by the p1 designation – although many p38s (including.

Walther manufacture walther manufactured magazines marked “ac” are considered by most to be field replacement magazines walther magazines through early 1942 have all small parts (less the. P1 9mm pistols will feature walther markings and date of manufacture on the slide we are selling the best of the lot first so expect very minor finish wear as the . No imagery or logos contained within this site may be used without the express permission of walther arms, inc .

Walther p1 dating

Atarian walther p38/p1 post-war slide legend variations commercial p1 serial number 315,xxx commercial p38 serial number 343,xxx (30 luger caliber). Howdy , my buddy just purchused a 1938 date walther p 38 , is there a place on the internet where i can look up ww2 german manufactures codes many thanks robsroost. Post war walther p1/p38 pistol this is the alloy p1 version caliber 9mm para vg condition includes one 8 round magazine take advantage of this limited time offer,.

  • I recently came across a 9mm walther p1 it does not have the hex bolt or the thicker slide what kind of ammunition should i be feeding it i would a.
  • Walther p38 serial number date i have a walther p38 with a serial number of 7314n my question is when and where was this made (walther) or byf .

The c block of pistols was never completed the walther factory was captured the first week of april 1945 walther p38 production dates author:. One option is the surplus walther p1 semi-automatic pistol imported by century arms international and priced around $325 the walther p1 is the updated, much improved version of the wwii era 9mm walther p38, which is the successor to the famous luger 9mm pistol. However, in 1957, walther manufactured a similar pistol, called the p1 although there are specifics to look for, depending on the manufacturer, the p38 is an easily identifiable firearm examine the p-38.

Walther p1 dating
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